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Outdoor Barrel Sauna

Outdoor Barrel Sauna

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Brand: Smartmak

Around the world saunas have been used for both recreation and therapeutic purposes while the most common use is for relaxation and for the health benefits that saunas can offer. 

The 4-6 person barrel sauna is a traditional steam barrel sauna. The barrel design is practical, sturdy, stylish, and allows for maximum heat circulation. In a barrel-shaped sauna, the heat gets circulated back down along the curved walls instead of pooling near the top, this creates a constant flow of evenly distributed heat throughout the sauna. 

Barrel sauna is different from traditional indoor sauna room, it is large and rounded like barrels, with a door at one "end" of the barrel for entering and exiting the sauna. The barrel sauna room is specially designed for outdoor use so it does not take a room inner the house and give customer more flexibility. We have designed a new type barrel sauna which comes with sheltered porch and external seating, so customers could enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view, customer could also choose without porch style, definitely good choice for small garden purpose. Create your own little piece of heaven in a secluded spot in your garden or next to your pool.

Our barrel sauna is designed for DIY which is very easy to assembly and saves shipping costs. 

Customizable options, such as dimensions, seating, finishes, etc, please contact us for customization! 

Included: Sauna Safe Lamp, Wooden Bucket, Wooden Spoon, Thermometer, Sauna Volcanic Stone.

Built On Demand! 

Production and Shipping: 5-7 Weeks

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