Tiny Homes

We Accept Custom Designs! Our Build-Yourself Kits Offer A Complete Unrivaled Package With Everything You Need In A Tiny Home, At Nearly HALF The Cost Of Similar Tiny Homes On The Market!

Build Yourself Packages Do Not Include Transportation


We Currently Don't Offer Financing, But Here Are Some Sources We Recommend

*Your Preffered Bank Or Credit Union

Assembled or DIY. What's Included?

Before Purchase, Message Us To Customize The Colors, Finishes, Include Any Add-Ons, Etc.

Included With Lecco, Cider, Florida, and Orlando:

*Painted Steel Trailer Included

*Axle and wheel: All axles are equipped with electric brakes.

*Main Tiny House Structure G550GD AZ150 light steel 0.75mm

*Pre-Fabricated Framing

*Roofing Tile 0.5mm Colorbond Sheet

*Roof Insulation: Glasswool

*Ceiling Panel: 10mm Integrated Wall Panel

*Cladding Board: Metal-PU Sandwich Board 16mm

*Vapor Barrier 0.5mm

*Wall Insulation R2.5 Glasswool 100mm (4 Inch)

*Internal Wall Cladding: 10mm Integrated Wall Panel

*Partition Wall Insulation R2.5 Glasswool

*Underneath Ground Floor (wet): 15mm Fiber Cement Board

*Underneath of Ground Floor (dry): 15mm OSB Board

*Underneath of Loft: 15mm OSB board

*Floor Insulation: R2.5 Glasswool

*Dry Area Flooring: 9mm MDF Flooring

*Bathroom Flooring: Vinyl Flooring

*Integrated Wall Panel Finishing

*Integrated Skirting

*Exterior Door (entrance): Aluminum Double Glazed Door

*Bathroom Door: MDF Door

*Windows: Aluminum Double Glazed

*Kitchen Sink: Stainless Steel Single Sink

*Faucet for Kitchen Sink: Hot-cold Water Mixer

*Kitchen Cabinet: 18mm E0 Particle Board

*Kitchen Bench Top: Quartz Stone Top

*Shower: Shower Tray With Curtain, Shower Glass, Shower Head

*Water Toilet

*Vanity Set: Faucet, Wash Basin, Cabinet, Mirror

*Ceiling Light Ordinary Ceiling Mounted Light

*Wall Lamp

*Electrical: Embedded Wiring, Socket, Switch, Electric Distribution Box

*Taillight: LED, Waterproof

*Extemal Plug and Socket, Waterproof

*Clean Water Tank: 120L With Pump

*Embedded Gas Line for Water Heater

*Embedded Pipe for Air Conditioner

Add Ons:
Ladder for Loft
Grey Water Tank
Waterless Toilet
Shower Glass
Shower Cabin

Heating System
Flooring for Floor Heating System

Build Yourself Packages Do Not Include Transportation!

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