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LSG Packages

AISI S100 North American Specification for the Design of Cold Formed Steel Structural Members. Includes the light steel frames and structural steel(if any), exterior wall panel, insulation, wall panels, flooring, doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Excludes Roofing Shingles, Electrical, and Plumbing. Starting at $89 per sqft

SIP Home Package

Superior and Speedy Construction! Conforms to North American Building Code. OSB SIP, Fiber Cement SIP, or MGO SIP. Shell Structure, which is the SIP Panels precut, and the SIP timber connections, Starting at $50 per sqft

  • Architectural Benefits

     High quality construction method. Comfortably warm, and quiet.

  • Cost Benefits

    Equal or lower first costs. Lower long term operating costs. Incentives available from utility service provider for energy efficient design. Lower maintenance costs for you.

  • Construction Process Benefits

    Easy to construct, with short learning curve. 60% shorter construction time. Quick turnaround time for greater satisfaction. Increased builders production capacity.

  • Enviromental Benefits

    Up to 50% less framing lumber. Up to 50% more energy efficient. Require less room at building site (less site disturbance). Less construction waste.

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