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Villa Novus

Premium Geodesic Dome Outdoor Glamping

Premium Geodesic Dome Outdoor Glamping

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Extremely Affordable Premium Domes, Luxurious Vacation Getaway Or Rental!
Competitive Pricing, Made With High Quality Materials. Fully Customizable!
*International Shipping Available

*For Complete Customization, Such As Color, Connected Domes, etc, Please Email Us Before or Immediately After Placing Order

Door Option: Location From Bay Window, From Inside View

Domes Can Be Designed To Be Manufactured To Create One Massive, Impressive, and Creative Dome Space, Just Email Us For Quotation, No Matter How Big The Design!

For Custom Designs, Email Us For Quotation

*Please note that door and flooring is not included, it is more convenient to source locally.

What's Included? Framing, Wall and Ceiling Canvas, Steel Connections, Insulation (8mm Double Sided Cotton Fabric Insulation), Door Framework (3' Width by 6' 6" Height)

10M and 15M Domes Do Not Ship With Insulation Due To Size And Shape, We Recommend Installing AC or Wood Stove.

Production and Transportation Time: approx. 5-8 Weeks 

5M / 16.4ft
3M / 9.8ft
20sqm / 215.2sqft
6M / 19.6ft
3.5M / 11.4ft
28.3sqm / 304.6sqft
7M / 22.9ft
4M / 13.1ft
38sqm / 409sqft
8M / 26.2ft
4.5M / 14.7ft
50.24sqm / 540.7sqft
9M / 29.5ft
4.8M / 15.7ft
63sqm / 678.1sqft
10M / 32.8ft
5.5M / 18ft
78.5sqm / 844.9sqft
15M / 49.2ft
7.5M / 24.6ft
177sqm / 1905.2sqft


Frame Material:
Q235 Hot Galvanized Steel Tube With Baking Finish
8mm Double Sided Cotton Fabric Insulation
Cover Material:
850g PVC Coated Fabric; White (For Custom Color, Contact Us)
Use Life:
15-20 years
Door Frame:
3' Width by 6' 6" Height
Wind Load:
100km/h - 62mph
Clear PVC Window
Snow Load:
75kg/㎡ - 15.3lb per sqft
100% Waterproof, Flame Retardent Treatment, Anti-Mildew, Anti-Corrosion, UV Protection Treatment
Temperature Resistance:
-40℃ to 70℃
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